The training we provide comes from years of experience in using software to work better and smarter. We don't show you a lot of useless bells and whistles that you'll never need to use. Instead, you learn the tricks of the trade, how to produce professional work in less time and with less effort.

customize classes to the needs of your business -- and the capabilities of your employees!


  • Produce professional documents from Word quickly and easily.

  • Build well-designed, powerful databases using Access.

  • Design PowerPoint presentations that get the message across.

  • Organize your company's files and directories so lost files become found!

  • Understand the Windows standards --  shortcuts that work in most Windows programs.

  • Learn when to use which programs -- the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Take control of your PC!

You are wonderful!
Organized and knowledgeable but, even more importantly, you're oriented to your students' needs.
These were the best four set of classes [Access] that I've ever taken.
Was a pleasure… Learned a lot… Your are good at "reading" your students and adjusting to their needs.
Great class!
You are extremely well organized , very knowledgeable, and very helpful.

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