All companies keep information -- and lots of it! BecTec Solutions will help you keep that data organized, complete, and less prone to error or confusion.

  • BecTec Solutions will work with you to analyze, design, build and deliver the database you need to track those important business items (customers, equipment, resumes, expenditures, etc.)

  • Your new database will be user-friendly and intuitive to use.

  • No more cheat sheets of arcane codes. Your transactions will be coded and tracked with descriptions that make sense to you -- and these control files will be flexible so that you can make changes as your business grows.

  • The database will be written in Microsoft Access so that you'll never have a problem finding programmers to make changes and updates.

  • All reports will be customized to your business needs.  Need to duplicate a form required by the home office? BecTec Solutions will design the database to be able to produce the reports required -- at the push of a button.

Your program worked like a charm!
One of the best business analysts I've seen
Your program is so user-friendly!
You have a way of getting in past the superficial to really understand the issues
It has been a pleasure working with you!

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